Messina Pocket 1400

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Brand: Lovicks
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Sealy Messina 1400 Pocket Mattress

The 1400 pocket springs provide all the support and pressure relief that is uniquely Posturepedic but now has all of the comfort of a pocket spring incorporating Latex for push back support.

  • Latex - Latex is the ultimate natural elastic material, which conforms exactly to your body weight and shape, providing the optimum level of support for a healthy night's sleep. Latex allows for maximum breathability, essential for removing excess heat and moisture that will ensure you enjoy night after night of undisturbed sleep.  For those who struggle with allergies, latex provides a safe option as it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Overall, latex provides a yielding, giving and conforming quality, so is a perfect choice for those looking for comfort and support.
  • Pillowtop - A pillowtop refers to a type of mattress that is made with extra layers and cushioning to increase softness and comfort, as if the mattress were topped with a pillow.
  • Quilted Soft Knit Cover - Upholstered in a soft knit cover which has enhanced cooling properties and moisture management system. It has a quilted sleeping surface and mattress borders to provide soft cushioning and added comfort.
  • High loft Mattress Top - Layers of luxurious mattress fillings are lofted at the surface of the mattress to provide extra comfort and support.
  • 7 Zoned Support System - Zonal technology correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains. SealyPosturepedic are the only sleep systems endorsed by the world renowedOrthopedic Advisory Board.
  • Unirail Support System - This system uses a high density foam strip placed inside the edge of the mattress springs. This stops the mattress from sagging and gives both longer life to the mattress and edge-to-edge support.
  • easy care no-turn mattress
  • free local delivery
  • Headboard extra


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