Osby Range

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Brand: Lovicks
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Osby Oak Living & Dining


The pursuit of beauty results in this understated and streamlined form. A creative process of purification, simply designed. Admittedly stylish, but never lacking in substance! The timeless quality, reflects the resourceful attitudes of the Nordic, built to withstand whatever may come.

The Osby range disproves any misconceptions that Scandi interiors are stark, or even worse bland. The clinical aesthetic sold in glossy magazines is not the liveable reality. Indeed it could be argued that Scandinavians are colour advocates and the Osby range purposely blends with a variety of colour palettes.

The Osby range is intentionally light in colour, woody but not overly rustic. It is also fittingly functional, encouraging easier living. Accessorise with geometric soft furnishings and ambient lighting.

The Osby range is the first step into transforming a home into a retreat away from all the stresses. The calm philosophy makes ways for clean, clutter free and quality interiors. This is escapism interior, designed to switch off the distractions of modern living.

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